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About the DCA

Working together to celebrate building excellence.

The Norfolk Association of Architects, the Norwich Society and Civic Voice believe great projects can change people’s lives for the better. All three organisations have previously held awards either annually or biennially, but in 2019 we decided to work in partnership to form a joint awards programme. We are delighted to be collaborating once again for the 2021 Design & Craftsmanship Awards.

The awards are a celebration of projects throughout Norfolk that positively affect our built environment. They are also a means for builders, architects, and communities to be recognised in a wider setting. We hope that through recognition of best practice and exemplary schemes we can have a long lasting and positive impact on the region by shaping future development for the benefit of all.

We have a shared history and interest in Norfolk & Norwich and the built environment. Through collaboration we believe we can have a more meaningful awards system in Norfolk that recognises the outstanding contributions of local people to the built environment, including local community groups.

Awards are given to outstanding projects that positively impact our communities, from new buildings to community led projects, conservation work and examples of exemplary craftsmanship. The awards aim to recognise all the people involved from builders to architects, craftspeople, designers, and local interest groups.

The categories for the DCA21 are:

– Houses and Housing

– Non Residential

– Conservation

– Community

The Design and Craftsmanship Awards are biennial awards.

The next awards are in 2023 and details of how to nominate will be posted nearer the time.

DCA21: Awards and Commendations


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