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The 2025 DCAs welcome all types of building and community project. Nominating persons can be from the design/client team and a community group. Nominated projects must be located in Norfolk. The projects should have been completed (or substantially completed) between June 2021 to May 2023. If a project falls outside these dates but has not been previously submitted for consideration please contact the DCA committee via this website so that they can advise accordingly. A nominated community ‘project’ can be either a new physical structure/space or specific/ongoing community event that has recently occurred in an existing/adapted structure or space.

In order to make your nomination, please fill out the form below. Each nomination will cost £65, which will be paid via Paypal upon submitting this form.

You do not require a Paypal account to make a payment via Paypal. Please contact the DCA committee if you would prefer to pay via BACS.

Nominations for the Community category can be accepted from community groups and members of the general public in addition to the project team; no fee is required.

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*Nominations for the Community category are only accepted from community groups and members of the general public; no fee is required.

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Please submit project images to hello@designandcraftsmanship awards in advance of the nomination deadline