Celebrating outstanding buildings and places


The DCA21 categories include:

Buildings for habitation: single one-off dwellings, housing developments, extensions and conversions.

Civic, cultural, education and commercial.

CONSERVATION – The Sir Bernard Feilden Award
Excellence in alterations & restoration of an historical building. This category includes the Feilden Award presented by the Norwich Society for the best conservation project in Norwich.

In 2008, Sir Bernard Feilden made a bequest to the Society to establish an award for the best conservation project in Norwich. Having served in Mesopotamia during the second World War, he saw the sculptured reliefs of the Assyrian hunting lions which were re-created as the lions adorning the entrance to City Hall. The Society appointed a local sculptor, Do Phillips, to produce a casting of one to present as the award, in tribute to Sir Bernard and his international work for conservation. This award has since been presented by Lady Feilden at every event, with the first winner in 2009 being the refurbishment of Cinema City.

This includes buildings and communal activity spaces which have been nominated by members of the public and/or community groups.
More information on this category can be found on the ‘Community Projects’ page.

The 2021 DCA welcome all types of building and community projects. Nominating persons can be from the design/client team or a community group; nominated projects must be located in Norfolk. The projects should have been completed (or substantially completed) between August 2019 and April 2021. If a project falls outside these dates but has not been previously submitted for consideration please contact the DCA committee via this website so that they can advise accordingly. A nominated community project can be either a new physical structure/space or an ongoing communal enterprise taking place in an existing/adapted structure or space.

For the purposes of the awards the word ‘project’ includes any structure whether new, re-used, retro-fitted or refurbished, converted or conserved; or any significant public realm project, such as streetscape works, new or restored parks, etc.

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