The judges will be looking for projects and buildings that share the awards ethos; to recognise excellence in projects based in Norfolk; projects that inspire and positively affect our shared built environment, now and in the future.

The nomination form, photos or even drawings can be submitted to show the judges how the project has achieved this. The intention is that judges will be able to visit projects in person. Please include as much information as possible when nominating to allow for full consideration of the project.

Design, craftsmanship, sustainability and community are the main judging considerations for all projects.

Design & Craftsmanship
Judges look for originality of design and/or ambition, how well the project fits into its context and how it enhances its local environment. Judges will consider craftsmanship, the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail; they will look for this quality in the selection and detailing of materials, internally and externally.

The nomination should describe how the project has considered and delivered a sustainable outcome. Sustainable projects provide for vibrant, healthy communities and support communities’ health, social and cultural wellbeing. In the context of the awards this could include reuse of an existing building, innovative use of materials, as well as consideration of the wider environmental impact of the project.

The community category looks for projects (which may or may not be buildings) that contribute to local life, promote a pride of place and that include community participation and engagement. The projects should also demonstrate a high quality of design, make efficient use of resources, and conserve and enhance the local historic built environment.

Not all the criteria will be applicable to every project; however, those nominating projects are encouraged to consider all of the above when submitting projects for the awards.