Pig Pen

This was a really interesting house design. I was genuinely impressed with it. First appearance was a good one and the detailing and execution of it was very good. The timber cladding was tidy with neat junctions. The windows were well installed and finished nicely with crisp aluminium trims and, generally, I thought the external brickwork, tiling etc. to be of a high standard.

Internally, I found the same careful eye to detail and execution. Interestingly, the client had gone beyond being a client. The house itself finished by the main contractor as a shell which was finished off largely by the client himself which included the design and installation of the stairs, tiling, kitchen, etc. This project has a good personal story about it: the client and his wife had a dream and for the last few years have put this into reality despite opposition from the parish council and planners.

Designer: Patterson Design Architects Ltd

Contractor: Timothy James Ltd